Exhibe Corporation is a San Diego-based firm that specializes in creating trade show displays and other exhibition-related services. In operation since 1982, Exhibe Corporation boasts a lengthy experience in the display industry, offering a variety of product and service selections, such as custom trade show booth manufacturing, modular display stands, graphics, and rental exhibit rentals.

Their offerings are categorized into four distinct classes: exhibit design, custom displays, trade show services, and graphics. With a focus on custom displays, they cater specifically to clients seeking individualized, brand-centric solutions for their trade shows. These displays include interactive options, hybrid models, and 'true' custom displays, all of which embody Exhibe Corporation's emphasis on innovation.

Beyond creating displays, Exhibe Corporation's trade show services strive for holistic trade show experience management. Exhibit rentals are a key component of this, consisting of custom trade show display rentals, a significant aspect of their service portfolio. Portable and tabletop trade show displays are also available, indicating a breadth of offerings adaptable to varying client requirements.

Another critical aspect of their services is the strong emphasis on graphics, with graphic guidelines available for their clientele. The importance of powerful, effective visuals in their creations is recognized, in line with their goal of enabling attraction, communication and inducing an impressive impact on the audience.

The company prides itself on prioritizing customer satisfaction, outlining this as a primary objective from conceptualization to completion of a project. Alongside this customer-centric approach, Exhibe Corporation also directly cultivates long-term, mutually beneficial client relationships, further demonstrating their commitment to providing personalized service.

The CEO and founder, Michel D'Angelo, leads the company with an overarching vision of creating winning experiential marketing through innovative designs and quality products. At the same time, the corporation conducts its business with an open-door policy, welcoming potential clients to learn more about their offerings by exploring their website or getting in touch via phone.

Business address

Exhibe Coproration
340 Vernon Way Suite H,
El Cajon,
United States

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Phone: 619-401-1323