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  • AnX Agency
    A creative design and marketing agency located in Wilton, Salisbury, Wiltshire. They specialize in graphic design, brand identity, advertising, marketing strategy and web design.

    Provides imprinted promotional products and& corporate gifts, trade show promotions for over 25 years.

  • Bags and Totes
    Provides promotional products like bags, personalized logo items and more to help a company promote their brand awareness.

  • Bag Warehouse
    A source for conference bags needs. Users can browse their selection of promotional tote bags and more.

    A company that carries more than two hundred presentation folders in stock, with a substantial variety of custom pocket folders on sale.

  • iVision Mobile
    Provides mobile marketing and text messaging software solutions for businesses. Users can send SMS messages, MMS messages, and create interactive mobile campaigns with iVision Mobile's web-based Text Messaging Software.

  • MultiColorLabels
    Provides digital printing of custom labels for safety and security stickers, variable data, QR codes, double sided window stickers.

  • Portent's Blog EP
    Articles about "effective" online marketing strategies, such as PPC method, SEO campaign, social media campaign and more.

    Assisting businesses with all their printed marketing needs from professional printing to direct mail service.

  • Realty Sign Express
    Specializing in custom real estate signs, the approved franchise supplier can also deliver agent name riders, sign frames, yard signs, magnetic car signs, and directional signs.

  • UK Feather Flags EP
    A UK based company offering custom-made and printed, cheap feather flags and banner stands which are ideal for use both indoors and outdoors.

  • 3rd Street Marketing
    Solutions of integrating small and large businesses in the online market. Also offers offline marketing solutions like branding, packaging, print advertising, brochures, flyers and posters.

  • Cameron Wells Communications
    B2B PR consultancy firm based in Manchester. Offers direct marketing solutions, event management, crisis management and sponsorship options.

  • Captain Marketing
    Offers module contains built-in tracking features. For example strategic internet marketing company, local business advertising, search engine listings and SEO services experts.

  • Catapult Public Relations
    Provides online media services, analytic services, strategic planning, development and investor resources. News and a client showcase available on the website.

  • Columbus Integrated Advertising
    Offering online marketing solutions like SEO, content marketing and submission. They also offer standard, offline marketing services like copyrighting and sponsorship.

  • Connexia
    Web marketing, social media integration and public relations services. Their main point is providing a communication platform on offline and online platforms.

  • Creativizt Communications
    Specializing in technology, healthcare, education and real estate, Creativizt offers public relation services, event promotion and market research.

  • Exhibe Corporation
    A San Diego based trade show displays and graphics company that focuses on producing high quality exhibiting materials that captures your audiences attention.

  • Freestyle Interactive
    Offers multiple online marketing solutions like digital marketing, social media, SEO and content management and web/mobile development. Aside from these, there are offline marketing solutions like DVDs and CDs.

  • Freshwater
    Online and offline marketing solutions provided by the UK-based firm. Offers event and conference management, communication consultancy and creative media production services.

  • iMP Promo Staff
    An experiential marketing and promotional staffing agency based in Leeds. They have a nationwide core team of reliable, experienced, enthusiastic and motivated promotional staff.

  • Litpac
    Specializes in the design and manufacture of promotional packaging.

  • MarketingScapes
    Business development consulting services, corporate branding & marketing, portable display systems, event design, planning & logistics and incentive programmes & promotional planning.

  • Mynt Design
    Mynt advise global brands on their brand strategy, positioning, retail design, graphic design, communications, print & digital.

  • On Hold Marketing
    With years of proven results, in-house studios, and knowledge of the business, the company will create an on hold messaging program that will enhance your company's image and be an effective marketing tool.

  • OnPoint Marketing
    Marketing firm that deals with online and offline marketing solutions. Among the latter, there are college marketing, in-store marketing, mobile marketing and product sampling.

  • Print4me
    Offers a wide range of personalized print products and services. Their entire range of promotional merchandise and business gifts can be branded with the customer's logo or message.

  • Promotional Perks
    Selling promotional products, promotional items, promotional advertising and corporate Gifts Australia wide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

  • StoryBranding
    The presentation page for Jim Signorelli's book about branding and marketing, "StoryBranding: Creating Standout Brands Through The Power of Story". The book details the process that Jim employs.

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When you are putting together your offline marketing budget, it will not help you to check a web directory to see where your company stands with the internet surfing public. Offline marketing and advertising remains as one of the best ways to reach a buying public, and an effective commercial on television is still proving to be a major factor in increasing company revenues.

Offline marketing

It is important to maximize your return on investment when executing an offline marketing and advertising campaign. The costs for reaching a mass audience with offline marketing are significantly higher than the costs of reaching a mass audience online. On the internet you can reach millions of people for free, but to reach millions of people with offline marketing it will cost you. That is why a study of demographics is so important to the success of any offline marketing campaign. There are many variables involved in offline marketing, and an understanding of how to use those variables to your advantage is critically important.

Advertising means television, Internet, newspapers and not least, radio. These mass-media along with the offline marketing make a very good team, especially for those that want to attract customers and use every means they have at their service. Offline marketing and advertising do not mean only paying a certain sum of money, you have to make more surveys and studies just so make sure you are not paying for nothing.

You aim to inform your target audience about the company that you represent through a website. When trying to advertise and promote your site, you should make sure that it appears on your business cards, as well as on the back of the products or in the fliers your customers would receive after buying something.

Moreover, your website should be printed whenever you send a package so that the receiver will be informed about your site. Before beginning to use offline marketing and advertising you should know that it is important to know your audience, to know what people want as well as where you can find most of your audience - it is vital for placing ads and TV commercials on certain channels. Offline marketing and advertising help you and so does this web directory that will make your site more known on the Internet.

If you are looking into television advertising then a demographic study will tell you which networks can better reach your target audience, what time slots are the most popular, and what television shows appeal to the people you want to get through to. A television advertising department will have all of their demographics available to you, and it is up to you to match your target with their audience in order to get the best return on investment for your marketing dollars. Print advertising and radio advertising operate under the same demographic principle, and in order to combine all the elements of offline marketing into one effective campaign it is necessary to know your audience. Understanding the best way to focus your message to a particular group can help you to deliver much more effective advertising, and to get the best return possible on your investment.

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