Veteran and Military Lawyer is a law firm that is both veteran owned and operated. Their specialties cater to an array of legal needs including Criminal Law, Personal Injury, Family Law, Divorce, Domestic Violence, Weapons Possession Advocacy, and more. This firm is also adept at handling legal concerns tied to the National Guard and Reserve both for Enlisted Administrative Actions and Officer Administrative Actions.

The unique selling proposition of this law firm is their Medical and Physical Evaluation Boards offering where they leverage their team of legal and medical professionals in order to aid clients. They have a doctor on their team, Dr. Alice Tzeng, M.D., who is board-certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Thus, this allows the firm to heighten their advocacy, offering insight and expertise that can help navigate medical and physical challenges in tandem with legal processes.

While they cater to a range of legal areas, their focus seems to be upon veteran and military law, signifying a possible niche in the market. They show dedication to this field, as reflected in their provision for the law enforcement and fire personnel and their knowledge of specific legislature such as the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (LEOSA). In addition, the firm's commitment to serving veterans extends beyond the confines of their law practice. They are described as National Guard Veterans and express their honor of the heritage and sacrifice of our nation's citizen Soldiers through the centuries.

Prospective clients have the option to directly pay their bills and retainers online via the firm's website, indicating efficient and user-friendly services. They also provide resources for individuals to manage their military careers and information on Military Disability. Testimonials are available in the form of Google Reviews for individuals seeking feedback on their services.

In conclusion, Veteran and Military Lawyer appears as a specifically focused legal service catering significantly to the military and veteran communities. With a comprehensive selection of legal services and a unique combination of legal and medical assistance, they are well-positioned to address the particular needs of their clients, especially those who are serving or have served the military. Whether it is in the criminal law arena, dealing with domestic violence issues, navigating administrative actions or dealing with Medical and Physical Evaluation Boards, this law firm seeks to provide well-grounded and informed assistance.

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