Ocala Accident Law is a personal injury law firm based in Florida, notably known for its dedicated advocacy and representation. Primarily serving Ocala and Marion County, this firm is readily available 24/7 for potential clients reaching out for assistance. Led by attorney Marianne Howanitz, who has garnered over 30 years of experience, the law firm boasts substantive knowledge and competence in various case types.

The range of vehicular accidents handled by Ocala Accident Law is wide and inclusive. The firm caters to victims of car accidents, bicycle and bus accidents, and motorcycle accidents. In addition, they also deal with pedestrian accidents and truck accidents. With a hands-on approach from Marianne Howanitz, each case is treated with equal importance, which underscores their assertion that no case is too extreme or inconsequential when people's lives have been affected.

Apart from vehicular accidents, the firm also tackles several personal injury cases. These encompass animal attacks, cases involving defective products, premise liability, and traumatic brain injury. This broad spectrum of case handling points towards the extensive capabilities and expertise of the firm, making it an excellent option for those seeking legal representation in these areas.

As a key element of the firm's offering, there are a plethora of FAQ videos available on their website. These materials cover a range of topics, from negligent security to wrongful death. Consequently, one can expect to gain a better understanding of various legal situations through these resources.

The firm's commitment to the community further elevates its reputation. It is proud of its role in getting justice for the citizens of Marion County, embodying their dedication and drive in their practice. Choosing Ocala Accident Law, therefore, implies choosing a personal and dedicated advocate who will work assiduously to represent and serve the client's interests in personal injury cases.

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Marianne Howanitz, P.A.
118 W Fort King St.,
United States

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Phone: 352-512-0444
Fax: 352-433-4079