is a Florida-specific service provider offering assistance with various types of deeds such as Warranty Deed, Quit Claim Deed, Lady Bird Deed, and Corrective Deed. It specializes in helping clients through real estate property transactions by advising on the correct type of deed that will suit their requirements. The site makes an assertion that it differs from other websites in terms of services and support offered. provides forms specific to Florida, intending to optimize the user's experience by tailoring the process to Florida's state law. This feature is particularly beneficial considering legal procedures and regulations can vary greatly from state to state. Besides the provision of state-specific forms, the website also includes the recording of deeds in its services. The recording of deeds is an important step in property transactions as it officially registers the transfer of property, giving it legal validity.

Another distinctive feature promotes is its Attorney Reviewed Deeds. This service is advantageous for customers as it ensures the deeds are looked over by a legal expert, thus minimizing potential for legal complications or issues. Furthermore, the service offers phone support to its customers, a feature that is especially helpful for those who require immediate assistance or prefer verbal communication over written.

All deeds provided by come with a Guarantee of Legal Sufficiency, assuring customers that their deeds would meet all legal requirements in Florida for that deed type. This assurance can potentially bring peace of mind to customers, knowing that a guarantee backs their deeds in case of any legal issues.

One other aspect that the platform stresses as a point of difference is the cost-effectiveness of its services. By offering several necessary services under one platform, provides both convenience and potentially significant cost-saving for its customers.

In conclusion, presents various services tailored to the Florida legal environment aiming to facilitate real estate transaction processes for its customers. These offerings include state-specific forms, recording services, attorney reviewed deeds, phone support, a Guarantee of Legal Sufficiency for all deeds, and a cost-effective platform. The site proclaims to differentiate considerably from other platforms by assuring legal adequacy and providing comprehensive support.

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2002 E. Robinson St.,
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Phone: 407-205-2906