'Cobb County Criminal Defense Lawyer' is a reputed law firm offering legal services for various criminal cases. It provides adept representation for a wide array of criminal charges, such as assault and battery, drug crimes - including distribution, manufacturing, possession, and trafficking, felony theft, and misdemeanor theft. The law firm also specializes in managing cases of motor vehicle theft, probation violations, reckless driving, shoplifting, and common traffic violations.

The center's service areas encompass Marietta, Roswell, Kennesaw, Smyrna, and its surrounding areas. Besides handling general criminal cases, the firm exhibits specific potency in dealing with Driving Under Influence (DUI) charges - combating DUI related to drugs, commercial DUIs, and multiple DUI offenses.

Moreover, Cobb County Criminal Defense Lawyer isn't just about battling legalities, but about empathetic client interaction too. The firm challenges intimidating aspects like getting pulled over or arrested, aiming to rid clients of the fear and apprehension associated. Offering 'no obligations' consultation, the firm encourages potential clients to reach out and understand their legal situation thoroughly. Its belief lies in the fact that bad choices don't brand an individual as a criminal, and the pursuit of justice doesn't have to tarnish their reputation permanently.

Bolstered by the experience of its ace attorney, Andrew L. Schwartz, P.C., this law firm is dedicated to defending the rights and upholding the freedom of the accused. Endowed with a results-oriented approach, it ensures a meticulous and strong strategy to develop client representation, forging a robust defense.

To sum up, Cobb County Criminal Defense Lawyer signifies a blend of comprehensive legal expertise, empathetic client communication, and a solid defense approach, catering to the inhabitants of the wider Cobb County area. With its dedication towards safeguarding the justice of the accused, it serves as a reliable legal resource for those venturing into complex criminal cases.

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