Nicole Hessen, P.A. is a legal firm based in West Palm Beach that specializes in workers' compensation cases. With a focus on advocating for injured workers, the legal team at Nicole Hessen, P.A. offers extensive trial experience and communicates with every client to understand their case. They provide a free confidential case evaluation so clients can discuss their situation with a member of their knowledgeable team.

The firm has over four decades of combined experience handling workers' compensation claims. They don't just aim to settle claims, but will go the extra mile to litigate them if necessary, showing a commitment to securing the best possible outcome for their clients. This signifies their intent as aggressive litigators who are prepared to take cases to trial to advocate for their clients' rights.

Nicole Hessen, P.A. is known for guiding clients through the entire legal process, emphasizing the importance of each case. This approach shows the firm's dedication to their clients' well-being, striving to help them get the compensation they deserve and get their lives back on track.

The firm also provides legal aid to workers who have suffered from various occupational injuries and illnesses, including heart and lung damage, orthopedic injury, repetitive trauma, spinal cord injury, and traumatic brain injuries. They are well-equipped to handle a broad range of workers' compensation cases.

Nicole Hessen, P.A. caters to a diverse clientele, demonstrating their inclusivity by offering legal services in both English and Spanish. Their specialization in workers' compensation along with their decades of experience make them a solid choice for injured workers in Florida.

In conclusion, Nicole Hessen, P.A. has extensive experience in workers' compensation law, offering aggressive litigation, skilled negotiation, and personalized client care. Their commitment to securing the best possible legal outcomes for their clients, coupled with their dedication to client care, sets them apart as a notable legal firm specializing in workers' compensation in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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Ganon & Hessen, P.A.
2001 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd., Suite 204,
West Palm Beach ,
United States

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