Coffman Legal LLC is an Ohio-based law firm specializing in employment law. They offer a broad range of services and have successfully represented employees both at a local and national level. The firm offers legal advice and representation for clients facing a myriad of employment-related issues. They offer a free initial consultation to get a sense of the client's situation and how they might be able to help.

One of the primary areas of their practice is wage and hour law. This includes matters relating to frequent wage and hour issues, FLSA collective actions, minimum wage violations, overtime exemptions and misclassifications, prevailing wages, among other workers' rights related topics. They also advise on issues related to tipped employees and both unpaid wage and overtime violations.

Another significant area that Coffman Legal deals in is employment discrimination. They tackle discrimination cases in various categories including age, disability, gender, LGBTQ, military status, pregnancy, race, and religion. Moreover, their attorneys also help clients familiarize themselves with employment laws such as The Americans with Disabilities Act, and practices like background checks.

Providing support against different forms of workplace mistreatment is also part of the firm's expertise. Clients facing issues regarding employment retaliation, hostile work environments, and sexual harassment can solicit their help. Their services extend to helping clients negotiate severance agreements and dealing with wrongful terminations.

Coffman Legal displays competence by offering services to clients beyond Columbus, as it mentions catering to clients in Akron, Canton, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dayton, Toledo, and Youngstown. The firm's attorneys are direct in asserting their willingness to defend the rights of their clients on any platform.

In conclusion, Coffman Legal LLC is a comprehensive employment law firm. They offer a diverse range of services extending from wage and hour law to discrimination issues. Their services are available both regionally and nationally, showing a wide-reaching presence. It offers clients a free consultation, signaling readiness to discuss potential clients' issues and proffer suitable legal solutions.

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