Key West and Marathon Injury Lawyers operate in the Florida Keys, offering legal services specifically targeting personal injury cases. The firm operates on a No Recovery, No Fee basis, indicative of their pay-for-performance approach. They offer free consultations to prospective clients, which is beneficial for individuals seeking legal advice without an immediate commitment. Their team is bilingual, happily catering to Spanish-speaking clients.

The legal team consists of lead lawyers Marc P. Lyons and Philip M. Snyder, who have both achieved significant victories in their practice areas. Their practice spans across diverse areas, focusing on car accidents, moped and scooter accidents, bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, as well as motorcycle accidents. They also deal with injury claims resulting from Uber, Lyft, and Taxi accidents. Their broader services extend to wrongful death cases, negligent hiring, and workers' compensation claims.

Their firm emphasizes experience, aggressiveness, and communication to achieve optimal results. Their client-oriented approach is reflected by their commitment to listening to their clients' concerns and delivering tailored solutions. This approach extends to all their clients, from car accidents victims to workers seeking compensation.

The firm showcases a strong track record of recent victories, with many claims exceeding the $1 million mark. This success showcases their thorough understanding of the law and their commitment to fight for their clients' rights aggressively. Their results, combined with a client-focused approach, suggest a reliable choice for individuals requiring representation in personal injury cases.

Key West and Marathon Injury Lawyers position themselves as a solution for victims of accidents or negligence, aiming to help them get back on their feet. Their effective practices claim to put their clients' interests first, creating a client-lawyer relationship based on trust, understanding, and results. Consider reaching out to them for a consultation if you're dealing with personal injury litigation or considering it. It could be the first step towards finding a legal solution to your situation.

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Florida Keys Injury
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Key West,
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Phone: 786-605-8500