This real estate law firm offers a wide range of services at a fixed and affordable price starting from just 2,500 KR. Boasting a client-centric approach, they propose a statement that explains No deal = No bill. This suggests a high level of integrity as clients are not charged in the absence of a successful transaction.

The company provides a comprehensive array of services: from examining all documents, completing all deal-closure procedures with brokers and offering expert advice, to drafting deeds, handling legal certifications and reimbursement calculations. This broad range not only covers the spectrum of real estate law, but also portrays their capability to manage multi-faceted client needs.

Even complex procedures like deed certification or discharge of brokerage obligations are handled efficiently, indicating their proficiency and experience in the field. Moreover, the firm is 100% impartial, providing first-time clients with a gratis telephonic consultation, adding yet another layer to their customer-focused strategy.

For an inclusive price that covers all VAT, customers receive full consultation. This involves imparting advice on all aspects of the sale process from scrutiny of the sale agreement to handling legal matters, suggesting their priority of easing the client's journey.

To increase value for money, they offer a discount of 1,000 KR on the simultaneous preparation of additional documents such as wills, marriage contracts or contracts of shared ownership. This incentive shows their focus on providing versatile and economical solutions.

Verdict: the company's professional and comprehensive real estate law services, offered at a reasonable and transparent cost, demonstrate their dedication to go above and beyond for their clients. Unbiased advice, bonus offers, and proficiency in a wide array of related services enhance their overall client appeal. Their commitment to charge fees only on successful transactions reaffirms their ethical approach, favoring that client interests are met fully before their own.

Business address

Hviid Advokater A/S
Strandvejen 6,

Contact details

Phone: +45 76 30 89 99