William Wallshein is a West Palm Beach-based criminal lawyer with over 38 years of experience in the field. His law firm is dedicated to delivering excellent legal representation. They offer a free consultation for potential clients, and pride themselves in providing trustworthy and sound advice, regardless of the client's legal situation.

William Wallshein specializes in a wide range of criminal defense services such as aiding and abetting, asset forfeiture, child pornography, cybercrime, dating violence, disorderly intoxication, domestic battery, drug offenses, and more. The firm also deals with federal cases and family violence offenses. It offers assistance with entrapment, expungement, and guns/weapons crimes. Moreover, Wallshein takes on cases related to hate crime law, inchoate crimes, indecent exposure, juvenile crimes, and license reinstatement. Clients facing charges of misdemeanors, money laundering, plea bargains, prisoners' rights, and property crimes can also seek legal help from William Wallshein.

Specific services related to record sealing and expungements, revocation and restoration of civil rights, searches and seizures, and self-defense and property defense are offered. In addition, Wallshein's area of expertise extends to dealing with cases about sentencing, sex offenses, shoplifting, solicitation, unlawful gambling, unlicensed contracting, and vehicle registration. He also handles cases on vehicular homicide, violation of probation, violation of protective orders, violent crime, welfare fraud, and white-collar crime.

Family law is another sector where William Wallshein has a strong prevalence. In addition to criminal defense, his firm represents clients in various family law matters across South Florida.

Overall, William Wallshein's law firm is committed to protecting a client's future by leveraging extensive legal experience and offering an expansive list of criminal defense services. The firm is particularly notable for its commitment to client care, with legal advice tailored to the individual client's circumstances, and a dedication to confidential, complimentary case evaluations.

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William Wallshein P.A.
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