Bley and Evans is a law firm based in Columbia, Missouri, offering a range of legal services with a specialization in handling vehicle accidents, insurance claims, product liability, and personal injury cases. The firm prides itself on the level of attention it dedicates to each case, ensuring that no case is treated as just a number.

Lawyers Wally Bley and Mark Evans are known for providing focused guidance and skilled representation to their clients. They prioritize the welfare of their clients, aiming for the best possible outcome in every case. Both experienced lawyers, Bley and Evans showcase a combination of knowledge and no-nonsense legal assistance which has played a pivotal role in their successful track record. The firm's motto underscores that clients always come first, assuring a client-focused approach at all times.

The firm's reputation rests on its integrity and extensive experience, with over sixty years of serving as advocates for clients in need and counseling those who require firm guidance. Bley and Evans demonstrate their commitment by devoting the necessary resources to provide the desired results for their clients.

The firm's efficacy is highlighted by notable jury verdicts in favor of their clients. One such case resulted in a $80,000,000 jury verdict, where a woman suffered a severe head injury due to an unexpected acceleration problem with her General Motors car. Another case saw a $32,250,000 jury verdict for a case against a trucking company. In this case, Wally Bley served as local counsel, displaying his expertise in such legal matters.

In conclusion, Bley and Evans is a Columbia, Missouri-based law firm known for their prioritized and informed client assistance, with a proven track record in handling cases related to vehicle accidents, insurance claims, and personal injuries. Choosing Bley and Evans appears to be a decision endorsing a commitment to client welfare, experience, and successful outcomes.

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