Yesner Law is a legal firm located in Tampa, specializing in bankruptcy law and real estate matters. They offer a wide range of services to their clients, including support with both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, as well as a number of debt alternatives. Their primary aim is to assist homeowners, borrowers, consumers, and real estate investors in buying, selling, preserving, and protecting their homes.

The firm offers a free initial consultation, which potential clients can book by calling their contact number. They provide experienced legal support and ensure attentive and efficient representation to their clients. Their legal team has 20 years of experience in bankruptcy cases and real estate matters, bringing a depth of understanding and proficiency to their work.

Yesner Law boasts a proficient practice in the field of bankruptcy, offering services like Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 13 bankruptcy, debt alternatives, creditor harassment cases, debt settlements, debt lawsuit defense, and foreclosure defense. They can guide their clients in all aspects of bankruptcy, explaining if filing for personal bankruptcy protection may or may not be the right choice for them, depending on their individual circumstances.

Yesner Law also provides services in the area of real estate. Their experienced team handles commercial real estate matters, assists with mortgages and foreclosures for creditors, offers landlord representation, and supports clients with short sales and construction liens. This suggests a comprehensive understanding and skill set in the real estate realm.

As well as offering a range of services, Yesner Law makes effort to educate their clients and the wider public. They have a selection of informational videos and blog posts available on their website, shedding light on complex topics and offering advice on various situations that their potential customers might be dealing with.

In conclusion, Yesner Law provides experienced legal representation in bankruptcy and real estate law. Their services cover a wide range and they are committed to helping their clients navigate through legal difficulties. Their long-standing experience and commitment could make them a reliable choice for individuals seeking support in these areas of law.