NYC Criminal Attorney is a reputable law firm that offers a multitude of services when it comes to criminal defense. The firm provides legal representation options across a wide array of areas, such as assault, auto crimes, bribery, extortion, burglary, computer crimes, conspiracy crime, and many more.

The firm consists of two experienced and competent attorneys, Mark I. Cohen and Gillian M. Feehan, who carry a significant amount of experience between them. Their expertise extends to criminal record sealing, defense against domestic violence cases, DUI/DWUI/DWAI, false statement crime, and various forms of fraud defense such as bank fraud, Cares Act PPP and EIDI Fraud, COVID-19 Fraud, Credit Card Fraud, among others.

NYC Criminal Attorney also offers services relevant to grand jury investigations, illegal reentry, immigration, money laundering, narcotics defense, passport crimes, and prescription diversion. Furthermore, their scope of legal representation extends to robbery, weapons charge, RICO and Enterprise Corruption, and white-collar crimes. The broad range of their offerings points to their well-rounded capabilities as a law firm.

There are positive reviews about the firm from past clients, indicating both satisfaction and high levels of service. One client who faced legal trouble in NYC, though based in Boston, was referred to Mark Cohen and applauded him as a significant factor in the positive outcome of his case. Mark's presentation of his case, as noted by another reviewer, was 'elegant' and instrumental in getting his sentence reduced. This is indicative of the firm's aptitude in managing diverse cases effectively.

Overall, NYC Criminal Attorney is a comprehensive provider of legal services in the sphere of criminal defense. With multilingual capabilities, including Spanish, it is well-positioned as a law firm that offers services to a broad clientele. Their expertise and success are evidenced by their client testimonials and reflects the firm's commitment to delivering exemplary service.

Business address

Mark I. Chone, Esq.
20 Vesey Street, Suite 1200 ,
New York,
United States

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Phone: 212-732-0002
Fax: 212-293-7224