Agee Clymer Mitchell and Portman is a law firm specializing in several legal areas, including Worker's Compensation, Social Security Disability, Personal Injury, Short and Long Term Disability, State Disability Retirement Services, Employment Law, and Medical Malpractice. The law firm also offers free and confidential consultations to potential clients. Their service locations include several Ohio cities such as Chillicothe, Columbus Circleville, Jackson, Cleveland, Galion, and Delaware.

Agee Clymer Mitchell and Portman has established their purpose in addressing unique legal situations faced by their clients. Primarily, they serve to defend and fight for the rights of individuals who have suffered due to circumstances like workplace injury, medical malpractice, car accidents, wrongfully terminated employment, and other related situations. The aim is to ensure that their entitled clients receive financial compensation or benefits.

The firm has shown readiness to challenge various entities on behalf of their clientele. These could include employers, health care corporations, insurers, drivers, government agencies, and retirement plans. Agee Clymer Mitchell and Portman works to hold these bodies accountable for their legal obligations, particularly towards those participating in plans like the Ohio Public Employee Retirement System or Social Security.

Potential clients should note that Agee Clymer Mitchell and Portman aims to step in when the system fails to protect those in need, including individuals already burdened with difficulties and their families. By ensuring that their services are accessible via multiple locations and free initial consultation, the firm exhibits its commitment to providing substantial legal aid. The firm's promise to handle unique legal situations showcases their flexibility and adaptability in handling diverse cases.

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Agee Clymer Mitchell and Laret
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