The Matassini Law Firm, located in Tampa, provides legal representation in the areas of auto accidents, personal injury, criminal defense, and insurance disputes. Their team includes four seasoned attorneys: Nick M. Matassini, Nicholas G. Matassini, Christina Pappas Matassini, and Ashley Pi. They all possess ample experience in their respective practice areas and are known for their dedicated service to their clients.

Their firm's auto accident practice caters to a plethora of scenarios, such as distracted driving, dump truck accidents, fatal truck accidents, and motorcycle accidents. Additional practice areas include reckless driving, overloaded truck accidents, and unsecured cargo truck accidents. The Matassini Law Firm's legal team handles these cases professionally and efficiently, striving for successful results every time.

The firm also specializes in personal injury law, providing legal assistance for issues like birth injuries, boat accidents, dog bites, head and spine injuries, and medical malpractice. They also deal with nursing home abuse, premises liability, unsafe products, and wrongful death cases. The lawyers aim to support and help their clients through various legal complications that result from these situations.

In the field of criminal defense, the Matassini Law Firm showcases a strong framework of legal knowledge. They ensure that the rights of their clients are upheld and defended, promoting fairness and just treatment under the law. Lastly, the firm offers its services in dealing with insurance disputes, aiming to resolve such conflicts in the best interests of their clients.

The lawyers at the Matassini Law Firm have over 75 years of combined legal experience. They boast translating this extensive knowledge into proactive litigation all the way to the verdict, undeterred by complex legal battles. The firm's reputation is bolstered by their ethical, straightforward approach to cases and their commitment to providing friendly, attentive service. They offer free consultations to potential clients, allowing individuals to assess their legal needs without financial risk.

The firm's past success stories include securing $1,600,000 compensation in a wrongful death case where a pregnant woman named Kimberly faced complications while incarcerated in Hillsborough County Jail. They also obtained $301,000 in a life insurance dispute for a client named Paul. These victories speak to the firm's dedication to its clients and its ability to deliver positive outcomes.

In conclusion, the Matassini Law Firm is a seasoned legal service provider equipped to handle a wide array of auto accidents, personal injury, criminal defense, and insurance disputation cases. Their ethical approach, friendly service, and the determination to fight for their clients set them apart. The firm's availability for free consultations provides added value for those seeking legal advice or representation.

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