Meyer and Spencer, PC is a well-established law firm operating across Westchester and Putnam County specializing in estate planning. The firm comprises partners, along with a longstanding supportive staff, aimed at providing personalized and attentive legal services to its clients in New York and beyond. One of the firm's distinguishing attributes is its focus on catering to individual needs, ensuring each client receives the personal attention they require throughout their legal journey.

The firm boasts a robust service profile, encompassing various legal sectors such as Elder Law, Asset Protection, Crisis Planning, Long-Term Care Planning, Guardianship, Estate Planning, Advance Directives, Trusts, Probate, and Real estate. Within these sectors, it takes pride in providing support through the creation of trusts for special needs and tax planning as well as assistance in selling and buying a home.

Meyer and Spencer, PC acknowledges the rapidly changing nature of family dynamics due to factors such as marriage, divorce, children, health conditions, relocation, business decisions, and more. Recognizing these variables, the firm emphasises the importance of remaining prepared for the future transfer of property and assets.

Efficient wealth preservation is another area where the firm provides its expertise, reinforcing the need to cooperate with an experienced lawyer who will comprehend the meticulously defined rules and tactics required to protect one's assets.

Moreover, the firm engages in business law matters, suggesting its versatility and capability to handle a wide array of legal issues. Its broader dedication to providing resources for real estate clients and estate planning, along with resources for real estate agents, further supports its inclusive approach.

The company's client portal and the provision for different methods of contact underline its effort to embrace digital transformations and facilitate client interaction. Furthermore, the firm hosts Webinar Series and frequently updates its blog to educate users about various legal matters, implying a commitment towards community enrichment and client empowerment.

Overall, Meyer and Spencer, PC exemplifies a firm devoted to providing comprehensive and personalised legal services in estate planning and beyond, with a focus on individual attention, versatility, education, and efficient client interactions.

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Meyer & Spencer, PC
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