Perkins Law is a legal practice located at 5301 North Federal Highway Suite 110, Boca Raton, Florida 33487. The firm is led by L.A. Perkins, Esq., a lawyer specializing in brand protection. Reachable via the phone number 561-467-4001, Perkins Law operates under the web domain of www.BrandProtection.Law. This firm aims to offer its clients robust brand protection legal services, emphasizing the critical role brand value and reputation plays in businesses, and the need to secure such assets in a highly competitive business environment.

Perkins Law, essentially, is dedicated to providing legal solutions designed to safeguard brands from various threats, such as potential trademark infringement, misappropriation, counterfeiting, and dilution. Prospective clients who seek the expertise of L.A. Perkins could expect personalized service and thorough intellectual property protection strategies.

On the other hand, Robert E. Pershes, Esq. PLLC is a separate legal firm operating from Suite 150 in the same building at 5301 North Federal Highway. Founded by Robert E. Pershes, Esq., this firm can be reached at the phone number 561-922-9039 and maintains an online presence at

Unlike Perkins Law, details regarding the specific areas of law that Robert E. Pershes, Esq. PLLC specializes in were not provided, limiting a holistic understanding of the firm's scope. Hence, individuals interested in obtaining legal services from this firm might wish to explore their site or connect directly for further information regarding their legal practice.

In conclusion, both Perkins Law and Robert E. Pershes, Esq. PLLC are stationed at highly accessible locations in Boca Raton, Florida, promising potential clients easy physical accessibility, further supplemented by their individual online platforms. These digital resources invariably provide clients, especially those who prefer remote interaction, an alternative communication medium to understand the legal provisions available at both these establishments. One specializes in brand protection, while the other firm's specialty hasn't been provided as part of the information. Prospective clients could select either of the two based on their individual requirements, proximity, and potential alignment with their respective legal needs.

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Perkins Pershes, PLLC
5301 N. Federal Highway, Suite 110 ,
Boca Raton,
United States

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Phone: 561-910-8923