Shields Petitti and Zoldan, PLC is an employment law firm located at 5090 N. 40th St. Suite 207, Phoenix, AZ 85018. They offer representation for both workers and employers, providing services for a range of employment law issues such as wrongful termination, workplace discrimination, retaliation, and hostile work environment instances.

The firm is composed of a team of attorneys including J. Burr Shields, Michael J. Petitti Jr, Michael Zoldan, and Paige C. Pataky. They offer their legal support not only to employees but also for small businesses. Consequently, they provide a balanced perspective on the issues from both sides of the employment relationship making them suitable to handle various types of cases.

Shields, Petitti, and Zoldan, PLC boasts an extensive track record of favorable outcomes for their clients as evidenced by several case results highlighted on their site. For instance, they achieved a $2.5 million settlement on behalf of public safety employees in a wage case, as well as a $1 million jury trial victory in a defamation and interference with the contract. The firm also handled cases that led to a $900,000 confidential settlement for wage and hour violations for unpaid commission, and a $600,000 confidential settlement for an executive in a wrongful termination and breach of contract case. These cases demonstrate their ability to deliver exceptional results for various types of disputes within the employment law field.

Among the reasons to hire their services, the firm lays stress on their combined five decades of experience in helping workers and businesses navigate through employment and labor law matters. Unlike other employment lawyers, they assert that they possess extensive trial experience, showing their capacity and readiness to engage in litigation when necessary. Their willingness to go to court signifies their commitment to advocate for their clients' rights.

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Shields Petitti & Zoldan, PLC
5090 N 40th St Suite 207,
Phoenix ,
United States

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Phone: 602-718-3330