Feldman Law Group is a legal firm based in Walnut Creek that specializes in estate planning. Led by Aaron Feldman, the team includes experienced professionals like P. Marla Myint, Alice Browne, Jeanette Arredondo, and Priscilla Ryen, among others. Their primary areas of practice include Conservatorship, Elder Law, Estate Planning, Long-Term Care Planning, Advance Directives, and Probate. They also specialize in Special Needs Planning particularly in areas such as Autism, Self Funded SNT, Litigation Settlement Trusts, Third Party SNT, and Trust Administration.

Over the years, Feldman Law Group has worked with hundreds of clients in Northern California, helping them navigate the intricacies of estate planning, probate, and special needs planning. They extend their services to clients who need to draft or revise their estate plans, care for a child or parent with special needs, or are trying to work through trust administration matters.

The law firm showcases an impressive spectrum of resources to help their clients. They frequently host webinars and regularly update their blog which covers varied topics of interest spanning from conservatorship to Special Needs Trusts. They also have a client login feature which may make it easier for clients to access case-related information.

Feldman Law Group, with its niche focus on estate planning and related areas, offers a comprehensive package of services to clients in the Bay Area. Their extensive experience and dedication to helping clients plan for the future of their loved ones are noteworthy. The firm strives to provide peace of mind to their clients by simplifying complex procedures related to estate planning and special needs planning. With a comfort-inducing tagline of Get the peace of mind YOU DESERVE, Feldman Law Group positions itself as a reliable and comforting legal support for clients facing often challenging and emotionally taxing circumstances.

In conclusion, their wide-ranging experience and a robust team of experts make Feldman Law Group a potential choice for individuals and families in Northern California seeking professional, well-informed guidance in estate planning and associated areas.

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Feldman Law Group
1855 Olympic Boulevard, Suite 125 ,
Walnut Creek,
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Phone: 925-283-6691