Shelbourne Law is a Summerville-based law firm offering a range of legal services. This includes handling cases involving personal injury, estate planning, business litigation, and more. The firm is comprised of knowledgeable attorneys, including Brandt Shelbourne and John Kornegay, who are committed to leveraging their legal expertise to serve their clients' needs.

Shelbourne Law is reputed for its focus on providing each of its clients with a high level of legal expertise. The firm underscores the importance of treating each client's situation with the attention it merits, reflecting a commitment to providing a customer-centric legal service. This dedicated service is further enhanced by the willingness of the attorneys to answer client questions and help solve their problems.

One of the notable service aspects of Shelbourne Law is its free consultation policy for personal injury cases. The firm even extends this free consultation to other types of cases depending on their qualification. Prospective clients can find out if their case qualifies for a free consultation simply by calling the firm.

Areas of practice within Shelbourne Law include, but are not restricted to, conservatorship, contract disputes, construction disputes, corporate law, estate administration, general litigation, guardianship, mediation, partnership dissolution, probate litigation, product liability, professional malpractice, and real estate disputes. This broad scope of services underscores the firm's ability to handle a wide range of legal issues.

Shelbourne Law prides itself on being a locally-owned entity, serving clients throughout Summerville, emphasizing its deep-rooted commitment to its community. The firm combines experience, wisdom, and diligence to offer comprehensive legal solutions to its clients. Its operational motto seems to revolve around the pillars of excellence, experience, energy, wisdom, integrity, and dedication. In sum, Shelbourne Law provides legal services with a client-centered approach, leveraging its varied expertise to address an extensive array of legal issues. Its team of experienced attorneys tirelessly work to address client challenges, providing them with the peace of mind they seek.

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Shelbourne Law
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