Gordon and Partners is a law firm that specializes in personal injury cases. The firm is open 24/7 and provides support to individuals who believe they have been wrongfully injured and are seeking legal aid. The office locations include West Palm Beach, Plantation, Stuart, and Palm Beach Gardens.

Gordon and Partners offers extensive experience in a variety of practice areas ranging from aviation accidents to wrongful death. Apart from accidents and injuries, they also handle cases related to consumer fraud investigations, defective medical devices and drugs, and employment law. The firm further extends its services to cases involving maritime law, medical malpractice, insurance claims from wind or flood damage, and even product liability.

Notably, Gordon and Partners provides assistance to victims of sexual abuse and Boy Scouts abuse, bringing their commitment to justice to sensitive and critical areas of legal practice. Their handle on such a broad range of areas indicates a robust team of attorneys with diverse expertise.

In addition, the firm has a dedicated Veterans Affairs team, catering specifically to cases concerning veterans' benefits. This demonstrates the firm's recognition of the unique experiences that veterans face and a commitment to providing specialized legal support for them.

Gordon and Partners also provides resources outside of their legal services: its website hosts a blog providing legal insights and commentary, and a section dedicated to 'Books to Heal'. The firm is committed to not just pursuing legal justice for their clients, but also providing resources for recovery and healing.

The firm's slogan showcases its dedication to fighting for their clients - striving to attain the maximum amount of compensation that the clients deserve. The official website also has a review my case feature which allows visitors to submit their information for a quick legal consultation.

In conclusion, Gordon and Partners employs a dedicated team of attorneys across various areas of expertise to provide legal aid to those who have been wrongfully injured. Their wide range of practice areas, along with a niche focus on veterans' affairs, allows them to cater to diverse legal needs.

Business address

Gordon & Doner
4114 Northlake Blvd,
Palm Beach Gardens,
United States

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Phone: (561) 333-3333