The Law Firm of Tamara Holder is a legal practice dedicated to fighting for women's rights and representing victims of sexual abuse. The firm touches on a broad spectrum of practice areas from sexual discrimination at work to unequal payment issues. Other areas of specialty include race and age discrimination, sexual orientation discrimination, and wrongful termination.

Tamara Holder, the firm's principal, is a nationally recognized women's rights and sexual abuse attorney. She has a solid background in advocating for women's rights, having offered her legal expertise on a major news network and even testified before Congress for worker's rights.

One of the firm's strengths is its skill in building multi-plaintiff cases. Clients can trust Tamara Holder and her team to represent them in a range of situations, including cases related to rape such as Title IX, sexual abuse in varying circumstances including fraternity and doctor/patient scenarios, sexual harassment in the workplace, racial discrimination, and pay disparities.

The firm encourages potential clients to communicate their legal needs or inquiries via an email or a phone call. Furthermore, the Law Firm of Tamara Holder is currently in the process of expanding its team, as indicated by its hiring notice.

Tamara's work has received significant recognition, thereby earning her firm a reputable status in the legal sector. Despite this, there is no direct mention of any awards or recognition conferred upon the firm.

In a nutshell, the Law Firm of Tamara Holder is a resourceful legal firm dedicated to advocating for the rights of women and victims of sexual abuse. With a broad range of practiced areas and a highly commended principal attorney spearheading cases, clients can confidently approach this firm for assistance with their legal matters. However, potential clients may need to reach out to the firm to gain more specific insights into their case results and testimonials due to lack of this information on the provided text.

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The Law Firm of Tamara N. Holder, LLC
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