Blau and Blau is a law firm that focuses specifically on property valuation cases, providing specialized services for commercial property owners who feel their properties have been unfairly valued by the government. Robert Blau and Charles Blau lead the team at Blau and Blau, bringing their unique insights to two key areas of New Jersey law: Tax Appraisal Appeals and Compensation for Eminent Domain Property Condemnation.

Notably, the firm has an in-house real estate consulting group, Blau Appraisal Company and Blau Real Estate, which includes real estate appraisers and a broker. Their internal resources and accrued knowledge are leveraged to the benefit of their clients, offering comprehensive insights into the complexities of property valuation.

Further enhancing their services, Blau and Blau has invested in a large, computerized database of comparable sales and leases. This database aids the firm in finding the most suitable properties for their clients and it serves as a reservoir of important data which could assist in appeal processes. The firm applies a team approach, working with members within the law firm as well as outside consultants, ensuring every client case is thoroughly evaluated from multiple perspectives.

The firm's reputation in the field of real estate valuation is solid, with over 20 years of experience in the sector. This has not only resulted in the principal lawyers' features on CNN and in well-regarded publications like the New Jersey Law Journal and the Star Ledger, but also has honed their practice's focus on real estate valuation.

Lastly, the team at Blau and Blau is also able to assist clients who own properties outside of New Jersey. For out-of-state properties with tax implications, they offer to assess the potential tax issues involved and give guidance on the appropriate course of action.

Verdict: Blau and Blau operates as a specialized law firm principally focused on property valuation. They provide comprehensive in-house resources, access to a large data bank of property sales and leases, a multidisciplinary team approach, and over 20 years of experience, affording commercial property owners a professional and in-depth service. Their ability to extend their services to out-of-state property owners further etches their capabilities in meeting diverse client needs.

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