Maven IP, an Intellectual Property law firm, is based in Miami, Florida and has an international reach providing counsel to both individuals and businesses. The services offered by Maven IP extend beyond local constraints, assisting clients from across the United States and around the world. The firm specializes in the development, search, clearance, licensing, protection, maintenance, and enforcement of trademarks, copyrights, and domain names. These services aim to safeguard client's intellectual property rights in the global marketplace.

In addition to these primary services, Maven IP offers a range of related services including brand development, brand monitoring, creation of contracts and corporations, Office Action responses, trademark applications, trademark clearance, trademark disputes, trademark renewals, and activities related to online selling and enforcement.

Maven IP also supports Amazon Brand Registry, contributing to the development and defense of brands on one of the world's largest online retail platforms. This ensures that their clients can protect their products and branding in the ever-expanding e-commerce realm.

One unique attribute of Maven IP is its emphasis on a collaborative approach. It positions itself not just as a firm, but as a mindset built on collaboration, respect, communication, experience, and teamwork. This ethos informs their internal operations and extends to the relationships they build externally with clients. They have a team made up of experienced lawyers, of which Janet C. Moreira, Esq. and Barbara Pichs-Reyes are mentioned on their website.

With a blend of diverse practice areas, comprehensive client-oriented services, and a team-oriented approach, Maven IP offers a modern perspective on intellectual property law. The firm appears to prioritize delivering a personalized and collaborative legal service to aid individuals and businesses in protecting and promoting their intellectual property rights effectively in a complex digital world.

The firm offers multiple means of contact including toll-free and local phone numbers, reflecting their accessibility to clients locally and internationally. Clients also have the option to make payments online, indicating an effort on the part of the firm to simplify transactions and improve customer convenience.

Overall, Maven IP's extensive array of services combined with a client and collaboration-centered ethos make it a comprehensive legal solution for the protection of intellectual property rights.

Business address

9480 NE 2nd Avenue, Suite 65,
Miami Shores,
United States

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Phone: 305-967-7450