Orange County Lawyer Group is a collection of experienced, savvy business lawyers dedicated to helping new business startups, entrepreneurs, professionals and existing business owners deal with all the opportunities and challenges that face small to medium sized businesses in an over-regulated, litigious environment like that found in California. The handful of decades-experienced lawyers at Orange County Lawyer Group offer our clients legal and practical advice about business formation and the tax ramifications of choosing a corporation, partnership or LLC; drafting or review of a businesses' core documents (e.g. invoices, sales contracts, employment contracts, e-commerce terms-of-service), breach of contract disputes, employment matters including employment contracts, 1099 worker agreements, non compete agreements. Our goal is to keep our clients free of business disputes and out of the courtroom. That said, when lawsuits happen we are experienced at dispute resolution to find quick and cost-effective resolution where possible or litigation in the courtroom when absolutely necessary.


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