Lawyers Weekly Jobs is a career resource site designed specifically for attorneys seeking employment. With the legal market experiencing significant changes since 2008, the platform acknowledges the challenges faced by law school graduates and uses this as a backdrop to offer its services.

The website points to the decline of the legal industry due to the collapse of the housing industry and fluctuating job market conditions. Citing American Bar Association employment statistics, it notes that only 60% of the law school class of 2015 held jobs requiring bar passage, emphasizing the harsh employment landscape after graduation.

However, Lawyers Weekly Jobs also highlights how the legal job market has improved over time. The site reports that 75.3 percent of the 2017 graduating class found employment in the legal industry within 10 months of graduation, reflecting an uptick in opportunities for law school graduates.

Despite this improvement, the platform acknowledges that challenges still exist. It notes the difficulty of breaking into large firms, where hiring tends to favor graduates from top-20 law schools, which receive around two-thirds of the job offers from firms with 500 or more attorneys.

As a response to these conditions, Lawyers Weekly Jobs offers a list of resources for attorneys. It caters to all career levels, aiming to provide aid and information to those who have recently graduated from law school or those who are looking for a job change. The website does not claim to have an immediate solution to the law profession's employment challenges, but it positions itself as a platform that can guide and support attorneys in their job-seeking endeavors. Overall, it offers comprehensive, up-to-date resources for legal professionals navigating a challenging job market.