Katherine K. Wagner, Attorney At Law, is a legal professional situated in Somerville, specializing in divorce and family law. Her practice spans across various facets of family law, offering tailored legal advice and representation to clients in diverse circumstances.

One key area of her specialization is divorce law. This includes several types such as contested divorce, where parties cannot agree on one or more key issues; and uncontested divorce, which is a quicker process as both parties agree on all aspects of the divorce. She also handles cases of high net worth divorce and divorces involving a family business. Notably, her services extend to addressing the unique considerations of LGBTQ divorces.

Katherine K. Wagner's expertise doesn't end with divorce proceedings. Her portfolio covers issues around child custody and child support, assisting clients to understand and navigate these complex areas. She offers support on the intricacies of determining equitable distribution of assets and parental relocations, dealing with the issues that arise when a parent wishes to move away with the child.

In addition, she deals with post-judgment modifications where changes to court orders can be requested post-divorce or separation. Equally, she can guide clients through the annulment process, which can present an alternative to divorce for some couples. Her knowledge of alimony matters further bolsters her comprehensive family law service offerings providing insights in determining and modifying spousal support payments.

Clients seeking to plan ahead can also leverage her expertise in prenuptial and premarital agreements. With a focus on safeguarding clients' interests, she crafts these agreements to protect individual assets and address financial issues before marriage.

In terms of accessibility, her firm offers consultations for prospective clients to discuss their case and goals. Prospective clients are encouraged to contact her directly. With more than 25 years of experience in her field, Katherine K. Wagner leverages her extensive background to assist her clients to navigate their legal hurdles.

In conclusion, Katherine K. Wagner, Attorney At Law, is a specialist in divorce and family law offering a holistic approach to legal guidance. With a broad scope of services spanning from prenuptial agreements to child support, she positions herself as a versatile practitioner in her field. Her experience and expertise make her an option to consider for individuals needing legal assistance with family matters.

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