DSK Law is a legal firm based in Florida, widely recognized for its business and insurance law services. Having over 47 years of substantial experience in serving clients, the firm has built a robust reputation in the legal landscape of Central Florida. Their team consists of more than 50 skilled attorneys, who are specialized in over 40 distinct areas of law, making DSK Law one of the largest law firms in the region.

The firm's assortment of practice areas demonstrates its diverse legal expertise. This includes Insurance Litigation, Real Estate, Corporate and Transactional Law, Commercial and Business Litigation, Bankruptcy, Divorce and Family Law, Immigration, Criminal Defense and Traffic Court, Employment and Civil Rights, Personal Injury Litigation, Local Government and Municipal Law, Wills, Probate and Estates, Appeals, and DSK Mediation. Such a broad spectrum of services allows the firm to cater to a wide range of legal needs of their clients.

Insurance Litigation is one of their key areas where the firm's attorneys manage cases for major insurance companies. The firm also offers Real Estate, Corporate, and Transactional Law services, thereby supporting businesses through various legal aspects. Commercial and Business Litigation is another critical service offered, addressing diverse issues related to business disputes and conflicts. The firm's attorneys are also well experienced in handling Bankruptcy cases, helping clients during difficult financial times.

Moreover, DSK Law provides legal support in Divorce and Family Law, where they oversee sensitive matters like separation, custody, and other family-related issues. Their services extend to the sphere of Immigration law, Criminal Defense, and Traffic Court, providing legal representation in immigration cases and traffic violations. Their services in the area of Employment and Civil Rights demonstrate their commitment to upholding fair labor practices and civil liberties.

The firm is also known for Personal Injury Litigation, where they aim to get justice for clients who have suffered personal injuries due to the negligence of others. Moreover, they provide services in the capacities of Local Government and Municipal Law and Wills, Probate and Estates, undertaking cases related to local administrative rules and estate planning. Lastly, the field of Appeals and DSK Mediation showcases their ability to navigate complex channels of negotiation and litigation.

DSK Law is appreciated for their convenience and accessibility, with offices stationed in Orlando, Tampa, Tallahassee, and Melbourne. Gathering recognition within industry circles, the firm was picked as one of the best places to work in Central Florida, highlighting its work culture and professional approach. Their track records and numerous case results speak of their capability and commitment towards the clientele. Overall, DSK Law represents a combination of vast experience, diverse expertise, and client-centric approach, making it a prominent stakeholder in the Floridian legal landscape.

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332 N. Magnolia Avenue,
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