Kansas City Car and Truck Accident Injury Lawyer, known as Flick Law Firm, specializes in providing legal assistance for various types of vehicular accident cases. The firm extensively deals with truck accidents, with Lawrence Flick leading the team. Kansas City Car and Truck Accident Injury Lawyer offers legal aid for victims of different types of collisions, including fatal, head-on, intersection, rear-end, rollover, sideswipe, underride, and U-turn accidents.

Flick Law Firm also investigates the various causes behind the truck accidents. Some of these causes are noted as distractions, driver fatigue, equipment failure, cargo load issues, state of backing up, lane changes, violation of right-of-way rules, speeding, and adverse weather conditions. The firm also utilizes the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs) in their cases to ensure the adherence to the truck safety rules.

The firm extends its services to car accident cases as well and guides its clients through the entire process. This guideship ranges from starting the case, filing the suit, navigating the discovery and disclosures process, handling interrogatories, managing conferences and motions, to conducting the trial.

Overall, Flick Law Firm strives to provide complete support for those who have been injured in truck, bus, car, and other vehicular accidents. One of the prominent features of the firm is that it directly deals with insurance companies, minimizing the stress for the clients. This means that clients are not required to interact with insurance companies directly, as the firm handles all the negotiations and processes.

Additionally, the firm operates on a No Fee Unless You Win guarantee, highlighting their commitment to their client's case success. According to client reviews, the firm is well-regarded and has been successful in recovering millions for their clients.

Flick Law Firm's services extend beyond just the trial and case proceedings. They also assist their clients in arranging for their medical bills and recovering lost income due to injuries incurred during the accidents.

With its extensive experience in handling vehicular accident cases, specifically dealing with semi, truck, bus, car, bicycle, and pedestrian wrecks, since 1995, Flick Law Firm positions itself as a preferred choice for victims seeking legal aid for accidents in Kansas City.

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