Wapner Newman Attorneys at Law is a Philadelphia-based legal firm that specializes in personal injury law. They offer free consultation and have a wide range of practice areas including Medical Malpractice, Car and Truck Accidents, Birth Injury, Wrongful Death, Brain Injury, Burn Injury, Slip-and-Fall Accident, Nursing Home Abuse, and Premises Liability, among others.

The firm is known for filing a lawsuit on behalf of the family of a hit-and-run victim against a driver and delivery companies. Wapner Newman has a proven track record of securing high-value verdicts for their clients. Some of their notable settlements include a $227 million personal injury case, a $45 million abuse verdict, a $16 million personal injury case, a $15 million wrongful death case, a $9 million birth injury case, and a $7.5 million personal injury case.

Wapner Newman has particular expertise in handling birth-related medical malpractice and negligence cases. They handle a host of birth injury cases such as Brachial Plexus Injury, Brain Damage during Birth, Delayed Cesarean Section, Erb's Palsy, Birth Asphyxia, Cerebral Palsy, Forceps Injuries, Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy, Postpartum Negligence, and Shoulder Dystocia, among others.

They also have a legal team specializing in complex cases of nursing home abuse, premises liability, and motorcycle accidents. The firm emphasizes its commitment to its clients, promising to fight robustly for their rights. Their attorneys understand the changes and worries that a serious injury can bring to a person's life, making Wapner Newman an empathetic and effective choice for those seeking legal representation following a harm or loss.

Verdict: Wapner Newman Attorneys at Law is recognized for its broad range of practice areas and a successful record of high-value settlements, justifying its award-winning status among personal injury attorneys in Philadelphia.

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