The Louthian Law Firm is a legal resource that specializes in personal injury cases. Situated in Columbia and Charleston, South Carolina, the firm is conveniently located for local clients in need of expert legal assistance.

It operates under the leadership of Bert Louthian who, based on the firm's online information, manages a variety of practice areas. These areas include personal injury, car accidents, T-bone accidents, uninsured motorist accidents, and more specific scenarios including motorcycle, truck, bicycle, pedestrian, and even Uber accidents. Furthermore, the firm extends its support to victims of wrongful death, brain injury, dog bite, nursing home abuse, slip and fall incidents, and premises liability.

Moreover, the Louthian Law Firm represents those who have suffered medical malpractice and those seeking workers' compensation. Also, they handle cases involving prescription drug injuries, thus demonstrating a wide spectrum of legal specialties.

What enhances the firm's reliability is its availability around the clock, as mentioned on their website. This, along with the offer of a free, secure, and confidential consultation, indicates a high level of client servicing. Additionally, the firm promises to handle all the case responsibilities, enabling clients to focus primarily on their recovery.

The firm's ability to manage cases efficiently is further echoed by customer testimonials. One review from a client named Johnny Jackson commends the firm for its outstanding customer care, professionalism, and timely case handling. This, in combination with an over 5.0 Google Rating, suggests a high degree of customer satisfaction overall.

Verdict: the Louthian Law Firm, with its comprehensive suite of services and an approach centered around client convenience and satisfaction, seems to be a robust choice for individuals seeking legal aid in personal injury situations. Their wide-range of services are inclusive of various types of accident and injury situations, demonstrating their expertise in the legal domain of Personal Injury Law.

Business address

Louthian Law Firm, P.A
1116 Blanding St #3A,
South Carolina
United States

Contact details

Phone: 803-454-1200