Clarkston Legal is a comprehensive law firm located in Waterford, MI, specializing in handling cases involving divorce and probate law. Offering an extensive range of services, the firm comprises seasoned attorneys, including Timothy P. Flynn, Frank Briguglio, Steve Mogdis, and Ryan T. Fowler, who use their adept legal expertise to navigate complex legal issues.

The firm's practice areas are diversified. In the domain of divorce law, they deal with various types of divorce cases, such as contested, uncontested, collaborative, same-sex, and high-value marital estate divisions. They also offer divorce mediation. The firm further extends its services for the division of retirement assets, business valuations, and professional practice valuations. Issues related to the division of closely-held businesses, separation and separate maintenance, and taxation divorce issues are also handled proficiently by the firm.

If clients need assistance with child custody issues, the Clarkston Legal firm is equipped to provide support both in terms of enforcement and modification of custody. Parenting time change, domicile change, interstate custody, and child support are managed with attention to detail. They provide comprehensive family law services, dealing with matters such as annulment, adoption, step-parent adoption, child abuse, neglect, and postnuptial agreements, among others, ensuring all-around familial legal support.

Additionally, the law firm offers vehement representation in matters involving personal protection and restraining orders, making sure client safety is prioritized. Their estate planning services encompass the creation of simple wills, living trusts, and the granting of durable and medical power of attorney. Post-divorce estate planning, guardianship, and conservatorship are other areas of their expertise.

Clarkston Legal also possesses adeptness in dealing with bankruptcy cases, providing clients with needed support through difficult times. The firm operates in the area of real estate law, offering counsel and representation in various property-related legal matters.

Alongside their family and estate law practice areas, Clarkston Legal handles various criminal defense cases. They represent clients charged with felonies, misdemeanors, alcohol-related driving offenses, assault crimes, domestic violence, and even more serious charges such as homicide and stalking. The firm also deals with cases involving home invasion, breaking and entering, larceny, robbery, ethnic intimidation, and white-collar crimes.

In conclusion, Clarkston Legal is a well-rounded law firm with a dedicated team of attorneys. Their proficiency covers a broad spectrum of practice areas, ensuring that they can handle a wide range of legal issues with efficiency and professionalism.

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