Columbia Personal Injury Attorney is a boutique law firm specializing exclusively in injury and civil rights cases. It operates 24/7, providing round the clock assistance to its clients. Their team includes Marc Brown, a former insurance defense lawyer, and Shederis Lakin, Esq, who together constitute a uniquely qualified team of attorneys, supported by an additional team of capable staff members.

They tackle a broad variety of personal injury cases such as bicycle accidents, brain injuries, car accidents, child injuries, distracted driving accidents, and dog bites among several others. The firm also has expertise in handling special cases related to nursing home abuse and negligence, premises liability, sexual assault, and wrongful death.

Their approach is characterized by meticulous preparation for each case as if it was going to trial, thus raising the possible value of the case. An essential highlight of their service is their no fee policy unless they win the case. This financial risk is entirely absorbed by the firm, hence reducing the financial burden on clients and allowing individuals of all backgrounds access to their legal services.

Their resources and capabilities are reportedly much equivalent to that of larger firms. Given the complex nature of personal injury cases, Columbia Personal Injury Attorney emphasizes the role of experience in obtaining a favorable outcome. They use the expertise of Marc Brown and his knowledge of insurance company operations to increase the likelihood of maximizing clients' claims.

In conclusion, Colombia Personal Injury Attorney, through its dedicated team of legal professionals and its policies, ensures a client-oriented approach to legal proceedings. Their expertise, combined with their focused approach and financial risk absorption policy, positions the firm as an attractive option for individuals in need of personal injury legal assistance. The 24/7 availability further enhances the commitment of the firm towards its clients.

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