Tampa Criminal Attorney is a legal service provider specializing in criminal defense cases. They represent individuals who have been arrested or charged with a range of crimes in the Tampa area. The firm emphasizes the importance of safeguarding a person's freedom, laying out clearly the stakes of legal charges their clients might be facing.

The firm is headed by Omar Abdelghany, who has a successful track record of winning cases in Florida criminal courts. He dedicates his practice exclusively to defending individuals who stand accused of criminal activities. Upon engagement, the firm assures clients that they will immediately start to build a robust defense strategy on their behalf.

Tampa Criminal Attorney handles cases across a wide spectrum of criminal offenses. These include assault and battery, domestic violence, various drug-related charges - from possession to trafficking, DUI charges, and federal criminal defense. Their expertise extends to more specific offenses such as failure to register crimes, gun and firearm charges, healthcare fraud, and juvenile charges. The firm also deals with matters involving sex crimes, including rape and sexual battery.

Moreover, they offer legal assistance in cases of theft, violent crimes, and white-collar crimes. Noteworthy is their provision of services like probation, record sealing, expungements, and dealing with suspended licenses.

Uniquely, the firm offers free consultation and 24/7 availability, suggesting a commitment to accessibility and client support. They affirm their dedication to keeping their clients informed about the progress of their cases, which can be a valuable feature for individuals seeking transparency and regular updates.

In conclusion, Tampa Criminal Attorney presents a comprehensive range of criminal defense services. Their emphasis on preserving individual freedom, their varied expertise, and their commitment to client communication and support, make them a noteworthy choice for those facing criminal charges in Tampa and surrounding areas. It is significant that prospective clients consider the firm's successful track record in Florida criminal courts alongside their specific legal needs.

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