Lyons and Snyder, based in Coral Springs and Parkland, is an injury law firm that specializes in different types of personal injury cases. The firm goes beyond the usual scope with practice areas covering auto accidents, bicycle accidents, car accidents, child injuries, dog bites, drunk driving accidents, hit and run cases, moped and scooter accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, slip and fall cases, truck accidents, Uber and Lyft accidents, workers' compensation, and wrongful death cases.

The team of lawyers at Lyons and Snyder includes Marc P. Lyons and Philip M. Snyder. They are committed to pursuing the rights of injured individuals and seeking maximum compensation for their clients. The injury lawyers adopt a no-recovery-no-fee policy, ensuring that clients will not have to pay unless successful recovery is made.

Lyons and Snyder not only serves clients in Coral Springs and Parkland but it also extends its legal services to other areas such as Plantation, West Broward, Boca Raton, and Delray Beach. This expansion is an indication of the firm's capacity to handle several cases from different geographical locations.

The firm has also garnered several recent victories, reinforcing their reputation for effectively advocating for their clients. Clients can also view testimonials to understand the firm's dedication to their cases, as former clients share their experience of the legal process with Lyons and Snyder.

The lawyers at Lyons and Snyder work with an aggressive approach to legal representation, positioning themselves as an ally prepared to fight for their clients. The claim of being your neighbor's trusted personal injury attorney resonates throughout their work demonstrating their commitment to local communities.

The firm also accommodates Spanish-speaking clients, which can be beneficial for those clients who may otherwise face language barriers when seeking legal representation.

Overall, Lyons and Snyder is a user-friendly law firm that offers a broad and sophisticated spectrum of personal injury services. The firm's commitment to fighting for clients' rights, success in the courtroom, and dedication to serving communities, make it a competent choice for anyone seeking legal representation in these practice areas.

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Lyons & Snyder
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Phone: 954-462-8035