The Law Offices of Kevin S. Neiman, pc is a Denver-based law firm specializing in commercial bankruptcy. With a focus on resolving complex financial and commercial issues, this firm provides its services to a wide range of representative clients. It operates from their offices located at 999 18th Street, Suite 1230 S, Denver, CO 80202.

The firm brings a combination of knowledge, experience, professionalism, and results to their clients. Potential clients can make enquiries via phone, with the contact number 303.996.8637, available from Monday to Friday, between 8AM and 6:30PM.

In addition to their bankruptcy services, the Law Offices of Kevin S. Neiman offers comprehensive legal support in various practice areas. With their extensive experience, they can help navigate clients through complicated financial situations.

The firm's representative clientele consists of both individuals and businesses across various industries, signaling the versatility and adaptability of their legal services. The firm's pricing model is not expressly stated, however a comprehensive pricing structure is an integral part of their client relationships.

A significant focus of the Law Offices of Kevin S. Neiman is maintaining a strong relationship with their clients. They value the importance of communication and keeping their clients informed.

As part of their commitment to safety in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the firm has implemented measures to ensure their practice operates in line with recommended safety protocols. This shows that they prioritize the health and safety of their clients and staff.

The Law Offices of Kevin S. Neiman manage their online presence professionally, with a well-structured website that includes sections such as 'About', 'Community', 'Articles', and 'News and Media'. This gives potential clients an in-depth understanding of the firm's background, its community involvement, as well as providing resources for clients to understand the intricacies of bankruptcy laws and other financial issues.

To sum up, the Law Offices of Kevin S. Neiman is a solid choice for individuals and businesses in Denver seeking competent legal assistance for bankruptcy and other financial issues. The blend of experience, professionalism, and a client-centric approach make this law firm a suitable resource in complex financial matters.

Finally, the firm upholds principles of transparency and good conduct as evidenced by the display of their terms of service. They also inform their website visitors of their privacy practices and their copyright policy, ensuring that clients are aware of their rights while accessing the firm's services. Overall, the firm exudes a high level of professionalism, serving the Denver community and resolving financial issues with efficiency and diligence.

Business address

Law Offices of Kevin S. Neiman, pc
999 18th Street, Suite 1230 S,
United States

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Phone: 303.996.8637