Dale Kennedy has been a Certified Public Accountant - CPA for more than 25 years, He has handled everything that an accountant deals with regarding the IRS and state tax authorities. The advantage of a CPA is that he understands numbers and how to make them count for the client's best advantage. Dale Kennedy has also been an attorney for nearly 20 years, He has been involved in tax matters including appeals, tax court, and administrative hearings advocating for clients. He understands the nuts and bolts of litigation which leads to a favorable outcome for clients. The advantage of an Attorney is that he understand tax laws and procedure and how to apply them for your maximum benefit. Dale Kennedy is authorized to practice federal tax law in all 50 US states. The majority of Dale Kennedy's competition consists of practitioners that dabble in what is called tax controversy work. Most do this work only on a part-time basis. Some of the competition is comprised of licensed practitioners such as enrolled agents, CPA's or attorneys—sometimes a mix of both. With the national tax resolutions firms, you will get an assigned agent to represent you that you have no control over. And you have no idea what the individual's skill set is! Because I AM both an Accountant and an Attorney, I already start with a more thorough understanding of your problem and I can more effectively achieve the solution that you need. Dale Kennedy has more education, training, and experience than almost anyone in his field which gives him a larger set of tools in his toolbox to craft a solution for your tax problem

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Kennedy Tax Solutions - Dale R. Kennedy J.D., CPA
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