West Palm Beach Criminal Lawyer is a prominent criminal defense firm located in Palm Beach County. This firm was founded 16 years ago by Ms. Heidi Perlet as a part of Perlet and Shiner, P.A. Over the past years, this firm has managed to attract some of the finest attorneys in the community, which is a testament to the vision of its founding partner.

The firm offers an extensive range of criminal defense services. Some of the noteworthy services provided by the firm include asset forfeiture, BUI defense, criminal appeals, and drug-related crimes. They also handle cases related to DUI entrapment, expungement, and federal crimes. The firm is equipped to handle grand jury proceedings and immigration offenses as well.

In addition to these, West Palm Beach Criminal Lawyer has marked its prowess in dealing with cases related to juvenile crimes, probation violations, and pharmaceutical health care fraud. Their vast service portfolio also includes dealing with cases related to sex crimes, search and seizure, theft crimes, and vehicular manslaughter. Violent crimes, weapon charges, and white-collar crimes are some other areas this firm has demonstrated competence in.

Furthermore, the firm comprises a dedicated team of attorneys. Apart from the founding partner, Ms. Heidi Perlet, the team includes other legal experts like Marc Shiner, Alan W. Saladrigas, and Mac Kenzie Sacks. Each of these lawyers brings unique skills to the firm, ensuring a comprehensive approach to different cases.

Lastly, West Palm Beach Criminal Lawyer offers its clients the convenience of language with services available in both English and Spanish, implying the firm's dedication to make their services accessible to a wider demographic.

In conclusion, West Palm Beach Criminal Lawyer is a well-known criminal defense firm with an experienced team of attorneys and a broad span of services. With a strong reputation in the community and a client-friendly approach, the firm stands as one of the leading options for people seeking legal assistance in Palm Beach County and beyond.

Business address

Perlet, Shiner, Melchiorre & Walsh, P.A.
515 N Flagler Drive Suite 701,
West Palm Beach,
United States

Contact details

Phone: 561-721-0552