Berenji and Associates is a Los Angeles based law firm specializing in diverse areas of family law, including divorce proceedings. The firm offers a comprehensive range of family law services including child custody, child support, divorce mediation, domestic violence cases, high-net-worth divorce, legal Separation, move-away and relocations, pre/post nuptial marriage agreements, property division, same-sex divorce, and spousal support.

Known for their expertise and dedication, Berenji and Associates provides support for clients during challenging times. The firm understands that the decision to divorce can be a difficult one. Hence, they guide clients through these challenging times, ensuring that the process is handled with exceptional care and understanding.

The team at Berenji and Associates consists of attorneys with over 25 years of combined experience. The firm has successfully assisted hundreds of families in Los Angeles through their intricate family law matters. Their attorneys exhibit a deep understanding of legal procedures and demonstrate compassion towards affected families, particularly in cases involving children.

Berenji and Associates provides clients with multiple ways to access their services. They encourage prospective clientele to call for a case evaluation or to reach out with queries through their website. Clients can also book an in-person appointment at their Beverly Hills office.

In conclusion, Berenji and Associates is a well-established divorce law firm in Los Angeles with a competent team of attorneys. They offer a broad array of family law services, display deep understanding of the legal procedures, and approach each case with compassion and professionalism. Their consistent commitment to guiding families through the complexities of divorce and related issues places them as a dependable choice for those seeking legal support in such matters.

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Berenji & Associates
550 S. Hill Street STE 1467,
Los Angeles,
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Phone: (213) 985-3007