Tire Defect Attorney is a legal service that specializes in handling cases related to tire defects. The firm offers free confidential consultations and represents clients on a 'No Win No Fee' basis. They can be contacted via phone, with specific numbers provided for both local and toll-free calls. The website also provides an option for interested parties to schedule a complimentary case evaluation.

The practice areas under Tire Defect Attorney include handling cases of ATV Tire Failure, Defective Tire Recalls, Motorcycle Tire Failure, Old Tires and Tire Aging, RV Tire Failure, and Tire Manufacturer Lawsuits. They have expertise in numerous cases against major tire manufacturers in the world. Besides this, they also offer advice on tire safety tips, tire service providers, and truck tires and tire failure accidents.

Tire Defect Attorney has a successful track record in resolving tire and rollover cases, exceeding $100 million. Some of their notable case outcomes include an $11,550,000 settlement against an automobile manufacturer, a tire dealership, and a van owner regarding an accident that caused the death of two young men and serious injuries to seven other people. In March 2018, they won a case against Hankook Tire Company, resulting in a verdict of $37,800,000 for a man rendered quadriplegic following a tire failure. This was the largest compensatory damage award in the history of the Commonwealth of Virginia. In another case, they secured a $6,800,000 verdict against General Tire Co. for a young woman who suffered partial paraplegia related to a defective tire and rollover case.

Furthermore, the Tire Defect Attorney website provides a comprehensive resource for those seeking more information about tire defects and related legal cases. The site is easy to navigate, with separated categories for different types of tire defects, various tire manufacturers, and safety tips. There's a section dedicated to frequently asked questions, alongside videos and media coverage relating to tire defect cases. The latter serves as a valuable source of information to educate visitors about the potential risks and legal implications surrounding tire safety.

In conclusion, Tire Defect Attorney is a legal firm that provides specialized service for clients dealing with cases related to tire defects. Notable for their successful track record and comprehensive informational resources available online, they serve as a reliable point of contact for anyone dealing with such specific legal circumstances.

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