Ruel Law Firm P.A. is a legal firm with over 15 years of legal experience and a track record of success in trials. Their main focus is on handling property damage insurance claims, as well as dealing with construction defects and personal injury cases.

The firm's practice areas span a variety of issues, including insurance coverage, commercial property, business interruption, examination under oath, and a wide range of damages such as fire, hail storm, water, wind, lightning, sinkhole, and tornado damage. They particularly specialize in the areas of homeowner association (HOA)/condo association claims, and cases dealing with insurance bad faith.

Aside from insurance claims, Ruel Law Firm P.A. has a significant practice in the area of construction defects. Their team handles a range of construction-related issues that could include building code violations, contractor and design professional insurance, and many others. Some of the most common defects they deal with are mechanical, electrical, and plumbing defects (MEP), stucco, roofing, window and door defects. They also handle more specific issues such as foundation settlement/concrete cracking, unlicensed contracting and fraudulent liens, and warranty claims.

Another significant area of this firm's practice dovetails into personal injury cases, including those under admiralty and maritime law. Individuals with personal injury cases can seek the assistance of Ruel Law Firm P.A. for their legal representation needs.

Potential clients in need of legal representation can get in touch with the firm for a schedule of a free confidential consultation. Their contact details are prominently displayed for easy access.

Given their broad field of expertise and tenure in the field, Ruel Law Firm P.A. may prove to be a practical choice for individuals or entities facing any of the legal issues within their demographic of practice areas.

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