Blank Law, PC specializes in handling various kinds of sex-related crimes in Michigan. With experienced lawyers like Nicole Blank Becker and Christopher Coyle on their team, they provide legal consultation and representation in criminal cases revolving around sexual conduct and assault.

Their practice areas span across an extensive range of criminal activities. These include all degrees of Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC), with distinct categories for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th degrees. In addition, they also cover cases regarding the intent to commit CSC, providing targeted consultation for the intents to commit 1st and 2nd-degree CSC.

Blank Law, PC also deals with more specific and complex charges. These include sex crimes committed via digital means like computer sex crimes, child pornography, and sexting charges. Moreover, they extend their services for cases involving the solicitation of a minor, prostitution, and sex trafficking.

Their expertise further encompasses situations dealing with indecent exposure, gross indecency, and sodomy. They also offer legal support and advice for those implicated in the sex offender registry and for cases related to domestic violence.

In addition, Blank Law, PC provides resources on the criminal justice system process, potentially furnishing clients with insight into the legal journey they may face. They extend their services across numerous counties and cities, offering accessibility to clients across different locations.

Overall, Blank Law, PC is a comprehensive law firm specializing in a wide array of sex-related offenses. Providing 24/7 consultation accessibility, they provide expert legal assistance to those implicated in such cases, striving to optimize their clients' defense.

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