Wilmington Criminal Defense Lawyer, located in Wilmington, provides a comprehensive range of legal services specifically focused on criminal defense. As the name suggests, the firm's primary practice area is criminal defense, and it boasts significant expertise in this field, backed by an experienced team equipped to handle a broad spectrum of criminal cases.

The Wilmington Criminal Defense Lawyer offers legal support in different types of criminal appeals including pardons and commutations. Also included in their services are post-conviction relief and legal guidance on pardon and commutation. Clients seeking to expunge their records can find legal aid from this firm too.

Different kinds of assault cases, including child abuse defense, can be fought by this legal firm. They also deal with computer crimes, focusing on internet crimes and internet identity theft. There is a specialized department focusing on domestic Violence and driving under the influence (DUI) cases. The firm has the capability to handle diverse aspects of DUI cases including drug-impaired driving defense, first offender program, defense for out-of-state drivers, felony DUI, underage consumption, DUI test defense, and stages of a DUI case. They also provide legal support for driving under suspension cases.

The team helps clients in all types of drug offenses including drug possession defense, drug crime defense, marijuana offense defense, prescription drug charge, felony charge, Drug diversion program, and habitual offender defense. Furthermore, they provide legal services regarding juvenile offenses and probation violation.

Wilmington Criminal Defense Lawyer also offers legal guidance for sex crimes defense. Sexual abuse charges, sexual assault or rape defense, indecent exposure defense, unlawful sexual contact defense, child molestation defense, computer sex crimes defense, internet solicitation of a minor defense, and sex offender registrations are among the sex crime cases the team handles.

Their service extends to theft and robbery defense as well. Clients from the University of Delaware accused of crimes can also find legal help at this law firm. The team defends clients with weapons charges, white-collar crimes such as embezzlement, fraud and identity theft, tax fraud, forgery defense, and investment scams. They provide pre-arrest services as well, presenting a full spectrum of criminal defense services for various potential clients.

This firm differentiates itself with the wealth of experience stemming from its lead attorney, Attorney Modica, who is a former prosecutor with over 30 years of experience in criminal law. His experience trial lawyer allows him to aggressively fight for the rights and interests of his clients. For potential clients seeking skilled and experienced representational support, Wilmington Criminal Defense Lawyer is a viable option.