O'Mara Law Group is an established legal firm with offices in Orlando and Lakeland, Florida. The firm boasts over 35 years of experience in the field of family law and criminal defense. The founding partner Mark M. O'Mara leads a team of proficient lawyers including Safiya Hudson, Bert W. Barclay, Cathleen Winter, Mark Rabinowitz and Rose M. Marsh.

The firm's primary area of focus is family law, where it handles various types of divorce cases including contested and uncontested divorce, women's divorce, men's divorce, divorce modifications, military divorce, and LGBT divorce. They extend their services to other areas of family law as well, such as child custody, child support, paternity, and alimony cases.

The breadth of O'Mara Law Group's practice extends to criminal defense as well. This encompasses a variety of criminal charges such as domestic violence, DUI, drug crimes, murder, sex crimes, white-collar crime, and federal crimes. They are committed to taking on challenging cases to protect and provide an unwavering defense for their clients.

The firm also has expertise in the area of the Second Amendment rights and mass torts. Cases related to CPAP lawsuits, Paraquat lawsuits, Camp Lejeune lawsuits, and Exactech lawsuits are notably within their purview.

The law group prides itself on its strategic and dependable approach to conflict resolution. They emphasize the readiness to cater to their clients' needs at any time and express pride in assisting people through difficult legal matters.

Verdict: O'Mara Law Group, with its long-standing experience, diverse expertise, and commitment to their clients, offers comprehensive legal aid across a range of issues in Family Law, Criminal Defense, Mass Torts, and Second Amendment rights. Their firm's approach is centered on the client's needs and stands ready and able to handle complex cases for their clientele.

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