Brady / Donahue is a Burlington and Springfield-based law firm in Vermont, which assists residents statewide. It operates under the web domain, a name reflective of its primary service areas: personal injury and workers' compensation. In addition, the law firm also offers its expertise to clients requiring assistance in wrongful death cases, maritime accidents, and truck accident claims, thereby showcasing its versatility and robust portfolio.

The firm is spearheaded by John Brady and Brendan Donahue, attorneys equipped with knowledge and professional competence. They have developed an infrastructure designed to meet their clients' needs regardless of their geographic location or physical ability. Highlighting their commitment to client service, the law firm devises ways to meet and communicate with its clients safely, securely, and conveniently, embracing methods ranging from phone conversations to video conferencing. This is especially important for clients whose time or ability to travel might be restricted.

It extols a client-centric approach matched by an impressive drive to secure effective outcomes for their clients. To further serve their clients, the law firm has set up a toll-free phone line, 1-(855) 802-4658, where enquiries and appointments may be made. Moreover, Brady / Donahue also encourages prospective clients to reach out via their website, ensuring a prompt response to their queries or concerns.

Notably, the firm of Brady / Donahue depicts itself as more than just a legal representative; it aims to become a reliable partner in clients' quest for justice. The firm evokes an image of accessible and committed professionals focused on delivering personalized legal services, making it a commendable choice for those requiring legal assistance within their practice areas.

Verdict: Brady / Donahue is a noteworthy law firm offering comprehensive legal services in Vermont. Its emphasis on client inclusion, diverse practice areas, and the ease-of-access to its services combine to create a desirable destination for potential clients seeking legal aid. The attorneys' dedication to achieving results underscores their commitment and competence in their field of work. Though evaluations and experiences may vary among individuals, it seems the firm is well-suited to handle personal injury and workers' compensation cases, among others.

Business address

Brady / Donahue
56 Main Street,
United States

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Phone: 802-885-2001