Brentwood Divorce Attorneys is a legal firm that specializes in various legal areas, particularly focusing on family law and divorce, and incorporating elements of criminal defense, estate planning and probate, personal injury and business services litigation. The lawyers working in this firm include Robbie Beal, Erin Nations, and Shannon Crutcher. Each of them brings a unique set of skills and experience, providing robust support to clients across a myriad of legal issues.

The firm offers a wide range of services in the realm of family law. These include but are not limited to adoption, alimony, annulment, child custody and support, complex divorce, business division, domestic violence, grandparent's rights, high-asset divorce, juvenile court cases, legal separation, mediation, property division, relocation, and paternity. The firm also deals with prenuptial agreements, enforcement and contempt, as well as providing criminal defense, particularly in DUI cases.

As part of their commitment to clients, Brentwood Divorce Attorneys assure each client that their case will receive the necessary attention and care, upholding their promise to keep the client's interests at the forefront. Their dedication and extensive legal knowledge is noted and appreciated by clients, as suggested by several testimonials where clients laud the honesty, understanding and detailed attention given to their cases.

One testimonial, in particular, tells of a client's appreciation for the firm's commitment to clarity and understanding. As described, an attorney offered to go through her divorce and custody papers, explaining everything in detail to avoid any confusion and ensuring that all mistakes were pointed out. This depicts the firm's dedication to get things right and protect the client's interests.

Another testimonial underscores the firm's caring approach. The client had consulted several attorneys before settling on Erin from Brentwood Divorce Attorneys, citing that she knew Erin was the right lawyer after their first meeting, showing the importance of the personal connection in the practice of law.

In conclusion, Brentwood Divorce Attorneys is a legal firm with an array of services spread across family law, criminal defense, and more. They prioritize client satisfaction and aim to provide detailed, honest and dedicated legal service. They take each case personally and make sure it receives the necessary attention, with an empathetic and understanding approach that helps ease the stress that these legal proceedings induce. Their commitment to their clients is reflected in the positive testimonials they have received.