Herman, Herman, and Katz (HHK) is a law firm based in Louisiana that has been dealing with personal injury law cases since 1942. With more than 80 years of experience in the field, the firm has made its name through dedication, expertise, and a robust track record of positive verdicts and settlements.

The firm is home to a comprehensive team of qualified attorneys, which include Russ Herman, Steve Herman, Brian Katz, John Creevy, Jed Cain, and others. These reputable professionals offer clients their extensive knowledge not only in personal injury law, but in a wide range of practice areas. These areas include offshore accidents and injuries, product liability, wrongful death, burn injuries, industrial accidents, and more. Furthermore, they handle specific cases such as brain injuries, contamination and pollution issues, different types of accidents including electrical, truck, construction, and car accidents.

The firm's devotion to serving their community extends beyond the courtroom. Their participation in community service, as evident in their recent school supplies donation, demonstrates their commitment. HHK takes pride in their commendable track record of recovering over $35 billion for their clients, a testament to their effectiveness and dedication in the legal arena.

In addition to practicing law, attorneys at HHK have received recognition for their abilities via numerous accolades and achievements. Two of the notable mentions in this field are for attorneys Russ Herman and Steve Herman, who make the firm a noteworthy choice for those seeking representation.

Moreover, HHK specializes in cases related to sexual abuse. Their portfolio encompasses clerical and priest abuse, nursing home and healthcare abuses, collegiate campus sexual abuses, and workplace sexual abuse cases. The firm demonstrates their commitment to these sensitive matters by providing a safe environment for victims to come forward and seek justice.

Potential clients can easily schedule a free consultation through the firm's streamlined communication channels. This patient-first legal service is designed to relieve the stress of seeking legal help, especially for individuals who may be facing difficult circumstances.

In conclusion, HHK Louisiana is a long-standing, reliable law firm that offers a wide range of services and presents strong representation to its clients. Their extensive experience, spanning over eight decades, combined with their strong team of accomplished attorneys, makes them a notable choice for those seeking legal help in Louisiana. Their community involvement and dedication to their client's needs further make them a venerated institution among their peers.

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Herman Herman & Katz
820 O'Keefe Ave,
New Orleans,
United States

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Phone: 844-943-7626