The North Dakota Injury Attorneys offer wide-ranging legal services focusing on personal injuries. Foremost in their expertise are car, truck, and oil field accidents, with additional specialities in personal injuries and product and premises liability.

Their roster lists four veteran attorneys: Mark V. Larson, Shelby Larson, Anders Larson, and Maren Larson. Derene Mears is also part of the team, though the text doesn't specify her position. Combined, they deliver comprehensive legal assistance, dealing with various types of incidents such as workplace injuries, farm incidents, and medical malpractice. They have a unique focus on catastrophic injuries including burns and bone fractures, and can also help navigate insurance settlements.

Their specialities extend to injuries stemming from recreational vehicles and railroad incidents. Assisting clients with relatively unique issues related to medical negligence, the team offers counsel for cases concerning misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose severe health concerns like cancer and heart attacks. They also handle cases involving medication errors.

The team provides support for injuries arising from different types of road accidents. They cover a broad spectrum of car accident scenarios, like distracted or drunk driving, or accidents caused by fatigue. They also cater to unique cases, such as construction zone accidents or collisions involving pedestrians and cyclists. Their expertise also covers truck accidents, including incidents involving commercial and overloaded trucks, or utility vehicles.

Further diversifying their portfolio, they also deal with cases related to accidents involving ATVs, boats, jet skis, and water skis. Serious accidents happening in oil fields are also within their specialty.

Lastly, and importantly, they also address dire situations like nursing home abuse, wrongful death, and dog bite cases. Affording potential clients multiple avenues to initiate a free consultation, they highlight a robust commitment to making the legal process accessible and client engagement a priority.

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Larson Law Firm, P.C.
1020 North Broadway,
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Phone: 701-484-4878