MendenFreiman is an experienced law firm that provides specialized services in business, tax, estate planning, and estate administration in Atlanta. With a team of highly qualified attorneys, the firm takes pride in offering confident, professional counsel aimed at building and protecting the client's future. By transforming complex legal issues into impactful results, the firm strives to deliver tailored and sophisticated solutions that align with their client's needs.

Estate Planning is a notable area of expertise for MendenFreiman. The firm seeks to ensure that a client's estate is transferred according to their wishes and chosen manner. This involves careful and skillful planning to account for the transfer of assets in case of a loved one's demise or incompetence.

Another prominent service is Business Law. MendenFreiman provides counsel for creating a new business or growing an existing one. This can range from the initial stages of establishment to preparing for its transition to new leadership. Their legal advice aims at ensuring the success of your business through careful planning and strategic execution.

MendenFreiman also specializes in handling Tax Controversies and Resolutions. Their experienced attorneys offer expert legal counsel on tax-related issues, thereby assisting clients in resolving tax disputes effectively and efficiently.

Apart from its professional offerings, MendenFreiman keeps its clients updated through a 'News and Insights' section on its website. This function allows clients to keep track of the latest happenings and gain insights on legal matters.

MendenFreiman, therefore, stands as a testament to providing stellar legal services across various domains. Its focus on client-specific needs and its proven track record in delivering efficient solutions make it a go-to law firm for all business, tax, estate planning, and administration needs in Atlanta. The firm contributes significantly to ensuring clients can build, maximize, and safeguard their legacy with confidence.

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MendenFreiman LLP 5565 Glenridge Connector N.E. Suite. 850 ,
Atlanta ,
United States

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Phone: 770-379-1450
Fax: 770-379-1455